5 Practices That Can Help Saving The Environment

Great things are not done by impulse, but by a series of small things brought together.

Vincent van Gogh

A small seed grows into a big plant over time. Similarly, a small deed contributes to saving the environment for future generations. To live a sustainable life, you don’t have to be harsh on yourself. Inculcating a few habits into your lifestyle today can lead to a significant change tomorrow. Here are some practices that may not require too much effort on your part, but mean a lot for our environment.

  • Bag Reusable Bags
    India prohibits the use of plastic bags that are below 50 microns. However, the ones in use don’t go into recycling due to improper disposal. Hence, next time when you go out for shopping, make sure to carry your reusable bag along. This habit will not only save you some money every time but will also help to protect the environment and marine life.
Reusable Bags help saving the environment

  • Reduce Paper Use
    Around 42 % of the total harvest of timber in the world goes into the production of paper. The never-ending need for pulp in this world is a threat to natural habitats and wildlife. It is not possible to cut out the use of paper from our life completely, but reducing its use in everyday life can help to a great extent. Small swaps like replacing paper napkins with a cloth towel and going digital can save a lot of paper.
Reduce use of paper.
  • Check Water Usage
    India is a country where 16 crore people don’t have access to clean water, and still, 12.5 crore liters of water gets wasted every day. It is not unknown to us that there is vast potential for saving plenty of water per person per day. Habits like taking quick showers, using a bucket for bathing and closing running taps, only require us to be more careful. However, every bit of it makes a big difference and helps us saving the environment.
Be responsible in consuming water.

  • Do It Yourself
    Several things could be easily made at home without requiring too much effort and resources. Preparing something for yourself and your family doesn’t only protect you from harmful additives but also makes your life more sustainable. From cooking fresh food to growing herbs and from making your natural moisturizers to cleansers, imagine how much packaging you could save by making your stuff at home.
DIY practices help in saving the environment.

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  • Commute Collectively
    Cut your carbon footprints by taking public transport a few times a week. Even if you can’t take public transportation, you could go for carpooling and shared taxis. It will save you a lot of fuel, help with air pollution, and provide you with a great company while traveling around.

Vani Joshi

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