5 Eco-Friendly Indoor Activities To Do During Quarantine

It’s quarantine time, and could we be more at home? Though staying at your cozy place is one of the best things to do, but it could be quite monotonous if done for too long. In this time, television and online streaming platforms are our saviors, but those beautiful eyes need rest too. Are you also the one having a lot of time but not sure what to do? If yes, then here are 5 eco-friendly indoor activities to do, while being at home:

  • Gardening: Have you ever imagined about having your mini garden, growing vegetables, picking them up, and eating fresh. If yes, then now is the time. Start your little farm in your balcony by utilizing empty pots and sow seeds derived from your kitchen remains. You could grow tomatoes, ladyfingers, coriander, and much more, only to harvest them fresh. Even if you can’t go outside to buy pots, you can upcycle old plastic bottles and containers to create beautiful planters.
Coriander: A herb that could be easily grown at home.

  • Cooking: Not being able to go out during quarantine doesn’t mean that you can’t respond to the call of your taste buds. Explore your culinary skills and bring out the hidden chef in you. Try and experiment with the ingredients that you have, and you could create some healthy as well as delicious delicacies for your family. Start with some easy veg recipes, share your creations online, and challenge your friends to cook and share their dishes as well.
Salad on a table.

  • Knitting/Crocheting: Remember those chilling afternoons of your childhood, when you used to sit near your grandma, while she knitted sweaters and scarves. Why not use this time to make something for yourself? Borrow your grandmothers’ remaining stuff, and start with learning the basics of knitting and crocheting. You need not make a whole sweater right away. You can start with simple knitting projects like a hairband, or a scarf.
A ball of yarn and knitting needles.

  • Upcycling: Upcycling is one of the practices that can save environment. When you can’t go out for shopping, how about using your creativity to upcycle older stuff and creating something new? Clean up your place and keep aside everything that you don’t use. Gather your art kit and start with putting your imagination to create something quirky. You could create an artwork, a decorative piece, or even a beautiful dress from your old clothes. Don’t hold yourself back from taking inspiration online.
Upcycled old stuff into something useful.

  • DIY: If you have finished with your supplies and can’t go out for refills, how about swapping them with sustainable options, and making stuff for yourself? DIY to create your chemical-free products, that will also save you money. Try experimenting and making beauty essentials. Make your cleanser, moisturizer, face pack, etc. Who knows, with one of these eco-friendly indoor activities, you might completely stop buying products from the store.
Handmade and chemical-free beauty recipe.

Vani Joshi

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