How Small Houses Encourage Sustainable Living

One thing most of us are passionate about is owning a big, luxurious house we can call our home. Now this being a great goal, is it always necessary for our houses to be bigger? One can instead own a smaller house and enjoy the simplicity, minimalism, and efficiency that comes with it. Also, smaller houses are a great way for us and nature to coexist peacefully. They uplift
the idea of sustainable living and symbolize a less materialistic lifestyle one has accepted.

“The ability to simplify means to eliminate the unnecessary so that the necessary may speak.”

Hans Hofmann

How Small Houses Impact Sustainability

1. Small Houses Mean Less Land under Concrete

Land is one of the most productive and irreparable elements of nature that needs to be preserved and cherished. We can do this by constructing smaller, efficient houses and using the remaining land for gardening. This will along with helping the environment, give us a great courtyard and backyard.

Small houses require less land.

2. Small Houses Reduce Exploitation Of Resources

Our small homes will surely consume less electricity to light up or cool down a room, also the water required for cleaning will be saved. Lesser wood and plastic will be used as we minimize on the furniture to keep our homes well-planned yet spacious. This will save a lot of resources
and promote more sustainable living.

Small houses promote sustainable living.

3. Small Houses Reduce Carbon Footprint

Small houses require less manufacturing material, thus reducing the ’embodied carbon emission’ caused by manufacturing and transporting this material. Also, cement is one of the prime sources of carbon emission. Smaller houses make use of less cement and also the construction waste is less further reducing the carbon emission.

Small houses help in cutting carbon footprints.

4. Small Houses Are Economically Sustainable

Since smaller houses are less expensive to build and maintain, the upfront costs are really low. Since we wouldn’t necessarily need a home loan, we can pay our other expenses efficiently and be financially independent.

Less expensive and sustainable.

5. Small Houses Increase The Sustainability Of The Society

Smaller homes mean many houses can be built on a given plot of land thus accommodating many families. Homelessness is a problem, by choosing to live in smaller homes we can contribute to the greater good making society a place for sustainable living.

Promotes sustainable society.

6. Small Houses Maximize Utility

If we choose to live in small homes, we will make the maximum out of the space we will live in. We will also have multi-functional furniture around like folding tables, wall mount racks, windowpane shelves, etc. getting the most out of what we own.

Small houses maximize utility,

The ending note is that while having the satisfaction of owning a place to call home, we will learn how to live more living with less. Also because of the reduced cleaning activities, we will have a few more hours to read or go for a run. Fewer expenses at home will give you more to spend on experiences than on things. Last but not the least, you being a responsible member of society will be giving back to nature for a greater good.

Himani Naik

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