Local Delicacies That Made Our Childhood Awesome

Remember those days when summer vacations were the most awaited times of the year. Playing for hours was fun, and even the scorching heat couldn’t stop us from going out in the afternoon. Evenings used to be the time when the hawkers with our favorite delicacies would arrive in the colony. There was some inexpressible happiness that we felt while standing around the vendor with coins in our little hands, waiting for our turns to get treats. Let’s take a trip down the memory lane and recollect some local delicacies that made our childhood awesome.

  • Bombay Mithai
    Who didn’t feel elated when the ‘Bombay Mithai Uncle‘ played pellet drum to call kids while riding his bicycle. Ring, cycle, watch, whatever you say! It was the artwork made of colorful candy that made us crazy about Bambai ki Mithai. It is still the sweetest thing we had in childhood.
Bombay Mithai - A local delicacy

  • Chana Jor Garam
    The lip-smacking taste of Chana Jor Garam topped with onion, chilly and lemon was one of the best savory treats of childhood. No wonder it was loved by everyone. Remember how we couldn’t stop ourselves from eating every last bit of it from the newspaper.
Chana Jor garam has an awesome taste.

  • Cotton Candy
    The sweet sound of the bell and people gathered around something confirmed that it was the uncle making Buddhi Ke Baal at the corner of the street. It was an absolute treat for the eyes to watch the fluffy pink clouds being made that would melt in our mouth.
Cotton Candy, a delicacy still popular.

  • Gulab Lacchi
    A delicacy that is very hard to find now but couldn’t fade from our memories. The little bite of Gulab Lacchi was a rare treat that tasted like heaven. We couldn’t get enough of it when we were kids and wished to have the entire basket full of this delicious sweet.

  • Ber Murchan
    These boiled plums had an entirely different fan base. It was not just us, but even elders who loved it. The old lady who sold Ber used to tell her village stories while we enjoyed these plums with salt and Murchan, which was a powder made of dried plums.
Ber Murchan, a local delicacy made by villagers.

Never did we imagine that someday we will miss these local delicacies. It surely made our childhood awesome!


10 thoughts on “Local Delicacies That Made Our Childhood Awesome

  1. I really miss bambai ki mithai and gulab lachhe.. 😍😍😍 it’s hard to find these days.

  2. Ber murchan and the aunty who was regular near my house! Oh God! This was a fun trip to childhood πŸ™‚

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