5 Ways To Make Your Room More Eco-Friendly

At the end of the day, when you come back home after a lot of hard work, you want a place that would welcome you and make you feel stress-free and comfortable. The place where we live not only reflects our lifestyle but also impacts our mind, form, and mood. Beautiful and lively surroundings result in positive thoughts and a better life. Nothing could be more relaxing, if you make your room more eco-friendly.

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Having an eco-friendly place would be having space where you could feel close to nature, without having any toxic elements around. To make your home eco-friendly, you don’t need to have your home in the countryside. Making small changes around can make a huge difference:

  • Cotton Bedsheets
    Imagine sleeping on a clean bed with fresh and soft bedsheets that protect your skin from all the allergies. Cotton bedsheets are a perfect combination of comfort and sustainability. It keeps you refreshing during summers and warm during winters. So today, when you go to your room for taking a good night’s sleep, prepare your bed with cotton bedsheets and experience the difference yourself.

  • Air-purifying House Plants
    The little plants that you keep in your balcony could do much more than just making your surroundings green and eye-pleasing. Plants like Aloe Vera and Bamboo Plam not only beautify your interiors but also have several advantages that include purifying the air and repelling insects. Plant these little wonders around your room and get that fresh breath of air as soon as you enter your place.

  • Essential Oils
    The aerosol sprays that you use to neutralize odor in your room may contain over 100 chemicals that might be harmful to health. Get rid of the sprays and switch to a natural way of diffusing fragrances in your room. Use essential oils to fill up your place with the aroma of your choice and step up to an eco-friendly and welcoming environment that stays for long and is free of chemicals.

  • Natural Sunlight
    Fill up your room with the natural rays of sunlight and lighten up the place. Nothing could beat the positivity of natural sun rays falling into your room through windows. Natural sunlight boosts energy and helps you sleep better at night. So pull your curtains back and let the golden rays fall into your room, making it a positive place for you.

  • Wooden furniture
    Though plastics have taken everywhere due to its availability and cost, but it is not always reliable to use plastic furniture. It may break down in case of excess weight, and hence not it isn’t durable enough. Make your room classic by using wooden and bamboo furniture as Nothing beats the aesthetics of wood that provides an elegant look to your interiors. You can also use up cycled and second-hand furniture to make your room eco-friendly and convert it into a place that you would never want to leave.

Vani Joshi

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