5 Bollywood Movies On Environmental Issues

Climate change and the environmental issues today have brought to our notice the need to address them, create awareness, and take corrective actions. In India, Bollywood has a massive potential to reach out to the masses and create awareness about the same. It has the power to influence people’s actions and thus make a difference. The films can represent
environmental issues and community problems efficiently and convey to the people the aftermath of their current deeds. The following are some Bollywood movies on environmental issues that send out a valuable
message- do not take nature for granted!

Kadvi Haava (2017)

This film is inspired by true events from the drought-prone Bundelkhand region. In this film, the village of Mahua is affected by scanty rainfall, barren land, crop failure, and climate change. All these factors add-up to farmers in debt. Farmer suicide becomes a frequent occurrence as they aren’t unable to pay back the debt. In this setting, a blind old farmer makes a pact with the debt recovery agent to save his son from the debt trap. This movie is a precise depiction of how climate change ends up killing people and their morals. This intriguing movie by Nila Madhab Panda is a must-watch.

Kadvi Hawa (2017) Official Trailer

2. Bhopal Express (1999)

This film is a closer view of the Bhopal Tragedy, 1984. The night of the tragedy, poisonous gas clouds from the Union Carbide factory enveloping over 20 square kilometers and killing more than 8000 people. The security siren of the factory is switched off, adding to the everlasting disaster of the time. The story unravels from the perspective of a newlywed couple and their friends. The film portrays how the irresponsible actions of humans and cooperation can worsen the lives of commoners and leave a scar forever. This 1999 film by Mahesh Mithai is a real eye-opener.

Bhopal Express: Movie on human activities and environmental pollution.
DVD cover of Bhopal Express (1999)

3. Irada(2017)

This film has a backdrop of Bathinda and its thermal power plants and factories. The daughter of an ex-army officer is diagnosed with a life-threatening disease. Following the thread, they find out that this is because of chemical elements mixed with the groundwater. Many villagers are suffering from the same. Meanwhile, a journalist finds information on the case and thus is kidnapped. The ex-army officer, the journalist’s girlfriend, and an NIA officer are determined to solve the case and part justice to the people suffering. The film portrays the effects of selfish motives taking a toll on the environment and health of people. This film is one of the best Bollywood movies on environmental issues and is a must-watch.

Irada (2017) Official Trailer

4. Kaun Kitney Pani Mein (2015)

This film touches upon the issue of water shortage. The two villages of Upri and Bairi are kind-off opposite. The people from Bairi are lower caste, involved in labor work, and skilled. The Upri people are upper caste,
lazy, and lack skills. There is a shortage of water in Upri village because of the same. The people from Upri plan to get water from Bairi. This film revolves around how a lack of skills can lead to a shortage of water and affect people’s lives. The movie is yet another satire from Nila Madhab Panda and is a must-watch for experimental viewers.

Kaun Kitne Paani (2015) Me Poster

5. Jal (2013)

The film tells the story of two villages in Rann of Katch and their quest to
find water. A young man named Bakka has a skill of divining water spots in the barren lands. A Russian woman comes here in search of flamingos native to Kutch. To her dismay, the number of flamingos had reduced because of water scarcity. Thus, she, Bakka, and a team of ecologists set to find water. With this backdrop, the movie highlights how lack of water leads to forming classes and strain people physically and mentally. This film is yet another thought-provoking Bollywood drama.

Jal (2013) Official Trailer

All these films shout out loud that it is essential to conserve the resources and use them efficiently. Also, Bollywood has the opportunity to showcase environmental issues in the mainstream cinema and reach out to more people. Awareness through films will be more impactful and encourage people to adopt an environment-friendly lifestyle. Nonetheless, Bollywood making such conscientious films is a reason to celebrate.

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