How Supporting Local Brands Is A Huge Step Towards Sustainable Living

While addressing the nation on 12th May 2020, the Prime Minister introduced the concept of Atmanirbhar Bharat. The term Atmanirbhar Bharat means Self-Reliant India. Projected as a significant measure towards reviving the Indian economy from the losses due to Coronavirus Pandemic, the Atmanirbhar Bharat encourages people to support native brands and small businesses. Apart from strengthening our economy, here are a few reasons how supporting local brands is a huge step towards sustainable living.

  • Reduces Carbon Emissions
    By purchasing the goods produced locally, you save all resources consumed in the transportation of goods that travels over thousands of miles. By reducing this distance, you reduce the environmental impact of your purchase and cut your carbon footprints.
Supporting local brands saves transportation cost

  • Creates Jobs In The Community
    Buying from homegrown brands promotes growth within the locality and encourages the companies to hire more employees. Therefore by supporting local companies, you create more job opportunities and help your communities become more self-sustainable.
Buying from Local Brands creates self sustainable communities

  • Provides You With Fresh Produce
    When you buy locally, you get freshly prepared and lately crafted products. Many local brands produce pure and organic merchandise, which you can avail fresh. It, therefore, saves layers of packaging for transportation and reduces the generation of waste.
Fresh Vegetables

  • Promotes Local Art and Craftsmanship
    Buying from small shops encourages local artisans to preserve the uniqueness of their community. It not only provides you with skillfully crafted products but also conserves the traditional arts of making handcrafted items in a region.
Handweaving: Local Craftsmanship

  • Encourages Responsible Buying
    Native Businesses value their resources and understand it’s importance. Spending money at local brands promotes ethical shopping as well as makes communities more self-reliant and encourages local development. Hence, it is beneficial for so many people at so many levels.
Local Community Products

Buying from local brands may not make much difference in your lives, but it certainly creates an immense impact on a country’s economy. This is how supporting local brands is a huge step towards sustainable living. So, next time when you plan to shop for something, don’t forget to explore local brands and small businesses that offer the same products and services.

Vani Joshi

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  1. The aforementioned points really make us understand the value of local goods. In addition, to the waste management. Great blog !! 👌

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