7 Eco-Friendly Places In India That You Should Visit After The Pandemic

In every other Instagram post, we can see #throwback or #missvacation. We are already planning a post-pandemic trip. This time let us take a moment to wander in the wild. Let us unravel the enthralling nature with the utmost responsibility of conserving it. So, let us have a look at some of the most beautiful and eco-friendly places in India. 

1. Bhandardara, Maharashtra

Bhandardara is a hill station settled by the river Pravara, in the wombs of Sahyadri. Tourists throng here every year because of its environmental
riches. The Umbrella waterfalls and Randha falls are one of the prime attractions. Bhandardara is a calling signal for trekkers as it is the home for the highest peak of Sahyadri- Kalsubai. Fireflies’ sighting has become a recent attraction here.

Beauty Of Eco-friendly place.
Umbrella Waterfalls, Bhandardara

2. Sikkim

The quaint streets, snow-clad peaks, the diverse flora and fauna, and the
mesmerizing glacial lakes all together make Sikkim one of the best hideouts from the city chaos. Khangchendzonga National park is a treat for the naked eye. A walk through the willows, pines, maples, and fir is an unforgettable one. The park preserves fauna that includes dhole, red pandas, Himalayan tahr, snow leopard, and many more. Sikkim is the
land of the highest peak in India, that is the Kangchenjunga. The ethereally beautiful Tsongmo Lake in East Sikkim is one of the seven glacial lakes in India located at an elevation of 3753m and is a must-visit. 

Beautiful Buddha Park
Buddha Park, Ravangla, Sikkim, India

3. Thenmala, Kerala

While talking about eco-tourismand eco-friendly places in India, we cannot miss out on Thenmala, the first planned eco-tourism place in India. Canopies of trees envelop the entire town of Thenmala and are home to different species of birds. The Sway Bridge, the Parappar dam, the sculpture garden, etc. in the Leisure Zone of Thenmala allows us to be intimate with nature and appreciate it. The Cultural Zone is a window to peek into the lives of the people there, witness their art, history, and culture, and is a soulful experience. The butterfly garden is also a part of the same zone. Thenmala eco-tourism employs a unique way of popularizing tree planting, Nakshatravanam- a nursery of trees scared to the 27 constellations and a worth-visit. People come here and take-home saplings of the trees related to their stars.

Bridge for ecotourism in Thenmala, Kerela
Thenmala Ecotourism Bridge
Attribution: Kerala Tourism from India / CC BY-SA

4. Meghalaya

The abode of clouds is a land of pleasant weather, majestic waterfalls,
breath-taking scenery, and beautiful landscapes. Cherrapunjee- a town in Meghalaya, is home to the tallest plunge waterfall in India, that is Nohkalikai. The Double Decker Living Root Bridge here is the ultimate delight for the spectators and is a must-visit. Mawlynnong- a village in Meghalaya, is the cleanest village in Asia. The tribes and villagers here have taken an active initiative to keep it clean. They preserve and appreciate the nature there and give it an exotic touch of culture to keep alive its picturesque natural beauty. 

Cleanest River of India
Umngot River, Meghalaya

5. Andaman And Nicobar

Andaman and Nicobar are a group of roughly 572 islands with the most beautiful and diverse landscapes, lush tropical forests, crystal-clear oceans, and rainbow-hued reefs. It is home to 96 sanctuaries and one biosphere reserve, becoming one of the most eco-friendly places in India. One cannot miss the mesmerizing beaches and a panoramic view of marine life here. The unexplored and dense tropical forest harbors more than 270 exotic bird species. 

Clean & Eco-Friendly Place
Andaman Islands

6. Nainital, Uttarakhand

Shangri La of Uttarakhand- Nainital is a hill station settled at the foothills of Kumaun Himalayas. It is also known as ‘the lake city’ of India. The Naini top here is famed for its bird’s-eye view of the majestic Himalayas and is a must-visit. A walk on Kilbury- bird watcher’s paradise, amongst the oaks and pines, is a walk to remember.

Lake in Nainital
Nainital, Uttarakhand, India

7. Coorg, Karnataka

Sitting in the lap of Karnataka, Coorg is a one-stop destination for nature lovers. The forest-clad hills, the misty landscapes, and the exotic flora add to the beauty of Coorg. One should not miss out on the coffee plantations here. Several sanctuaries here take an active initiative in protecting the fauna here, making Coorg one of the most eco-friendly destinations in India. The streams running through the green- lands are a cherry on top.

Eco-friendly and close to nature
Coorg, Karnataka

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