5 Vegetables That You can Grow At Home

Have you ever dreamt of harvesting fresh vegetables from your garden, but don’t know how to begin with it?
As much it is essential to eat healthily, it is equally challenging to find organic produce. In the new normal, growing your supply of vegetables at home is not impossible. You can plant your vegetable garden in your balcony, or any little open space that you have around. All you need is some patience to watch your small veggie garden grow until you pick them to enjoy fresh. Here is a list of 5 vegetables that you can grow at home:

1. Tomatoes

Tomatoes are one of the most quickly growing plants. And the best part is, they don’t require much care. Just cut a tomato into half and plant it in a pot or a hanging basket. In a few weeks, you will see the little plants bearing delicious tomatoes.

Easily grow tomatoes at home

2. Coriander

The ingredient that complements the taste of every dish coriander is one of the most versatile herbs that you can plant. Sow some seeds in soil or a pot, and in just 7-10 days, get a fresh supply of green coriander, ready to garnish your dishes.

grow coriander with seeds

3. Capsicum

The savory capsicum is as easy to grow as beautiful it looks. Single capsicum contains several seeds that you can plant, and in a few weeks, you will get beautiful bell peppers. The one thing that you need to remember is to plant it in direct sunlight.

Capsicum: Grow at home in a pot.

4. Peas

One of the most favorite veggies of winter is very easy to grow at home. All you need to do is to sow the pods of peas directly in the ground and watch little plants growing up to provide you with fresh and sweet peas. The more you pick them, the more they grow!

Peas: Easy to grow

5. Spinach

This nutritious and crunchy green leafy vegetable can be planted throughout the whole year, and is very simple to begin. You can either sow spinach directly into the soil or plant seeds. Either way, make sure that you provide enough sunlight and water to your crop.

Grow nutritious spinach at home

Eating and cooking with homegrown vegetables are pretty awesome! It’s not only free of fertilizers but also provides you with a constant supply for a long time if you take proper care. So start your garden with these five vegetables that you can grow at home.

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Vani Joshi

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