Jazz It Up With The Juttis

With bright and beautiful colors, sequins, mirror work, and beads, the traditional Juttis are the new elegant voguish footwear.

Also known as Mojari, the Jutti is widely popular in North India. They are made of pure leather and embellished with traditional artwork such as embroidery. The striking designs and beautiful ornamental embellishments make them the best option to pair with ethnic dresses.

Juttis have been very popular since the Mughal times. The richest of the society wore Juttis made with golden threads, gems, and diamonds. The bejeweled Juttis gave a royal touch to the look. Since then, these beautiful pieces of grace are the go-to footwear that easily slips on.

Though the Mojaris chiefly associate with traditional Indian dresses, they go equally well with western and formal outfits. There are several Indian small businesses with immense creativity that are winning hearts with their stunning designs.

Tan Brown Jutti
Tan Brown Jutti

Having got two pairs of Juttis, one for traditional and another for casual outfits, I can say that it was one of the best shopping decisions. Comfortable and easy to slip on, nothing will feel as comfortable as a pair of Juttis when you step out.

Check out the following Indian Jutti brands and bookmark them for your next festive purchase.

1. Kurrbat

With a gorgeous selection of embroidered Juttis and loafers, Kurrbat fascinates every time with its new collections. They not only ace at ethnic footwear but also casual and minimalistic loafers for daily looks. A pair from Kurrbat’s stunningly beautiful bridal collection is the best must-have for all the brides-to-be.
Shop: Kurrbat.com

2. HazelThread

The dazzling yet subtle designs of Juttis by HazelThread, make one want to look at them forever. To complement your festive look, they have several artistic designs that you can choose from and make the heads turn around.
Shop: HazelThread.com

3. Jutti Express

The designer Mojaris from Jutti Express is a perfect blend of comfort and style. With so many designs to choose from, you can get a matching Juttis for any outfit you may have.
Shop: JuttiExpress.com

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Vani Joshi

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