8 Regional Indian Sarees That Your Wardrobe Must Have

We can all agree that wearing an Indian saree adds an unmatchable elegance to our look. However, not a lot of people enjoy draping a saree, and even they have to agree that the beauty of regional Indian sarees is ethereal. Here are 8 Regional Indian sarees that are a must for your wardrobe.

1. Kalamkari from Rajasthan 

This translates to the ‘work of a pen’. It’s famous for its traditional and ethnic appeal and usually has mythological artwork printed on it. These are extremely lightweight and cost-effective.

Starting Price: INR 1,000


2. Bandhani from Gujarat

Made with Shibori, or the Tie-Dye method, these are classically made on chiffon. Their print has a lot of shades of one colour, or sometimes, a lot of colours that create a beautiful contrast! 

Starting Price: INR 800

Bandhani (8356667237)

3. Banarasi from Varanasi

Handwoven to perfection, these sarees are irresistible with their golden zari motifs and designs. Banarasi sarees are light on the pocket and heavy on the texture!

Starting Price: INR 2,500

'Sari' from Varanasi (north-central India), silk and gold-wrapped silk yarn with supplementary weft brocade

4. Chanderi from Madhya Pradesh

Known for its perfect blend of simplicity and elegance, these are extremely lightweight. These can be further designed with pretty motifs, patterns, block prints and fabric art.

Starting Price: INR 1,500

Chanderi Silk Sari outside a village home in Pranpur. (7045778685)

5. Kasavu from Kerala

Originally known as ‘Mundum Nereyatham’, these sarees are a statement in themselves. The rich white regional Indian saree, with a single golden border, personifies elegance and beauty.

Starting Price: INR 700

6. Bomkai from Odisha

Also known as the ‘Sonepuri’ saree, Bomkai is made by the Bhulia community in Odisha. It’s usually available only in silk and cotton, with the silk kind being more expensive.

Starting Price: INR 2,000


7. Chikankari from Lucknow

Chikankari is a beautiful type of embroidery work that is mostly exclusive to Lucknow, and was, initially, exclusively done solely on muslin cloth, but is now available in any fabric of your choice.

Starting Price: INR 2,000

Chikan embroidery on a saree pallu

8. Tant from West Bengal

The basic cotton saree that’s every Bengali’s favourite! It is lightweight, usually white with a thick border and basic prints. It’s worn on an everyday basis and during festivals.

Starting Price: INR 700

Bengal saris on display

Only nine yards of fabric, and there you go! As Indians, we’re so diverse with our food, traditions, culture, festivals, and fashion as well. Like our love for our country, these simple threads bind us together (and make us look pretty too, while they’re at it!)

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Yukta Baid

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