10 Things That You Thought Are Recyclable But Are Not

In the times where the world generates about 3.5 million tonnes of waste per day, recycling plays a crucial role in dealing with the same. There are so many commodities we regularly use, considering them to be recyclable. But practically, these products may not be recyclable. It is essential to be educated if the product is environmentally safe or not before using it. Following is a list of some of the things that you thought are recyclable but are non-recyclable items:

1. The Oven-safe Cookware

The ceramic pots and pans are designed to withstand high heat and thus, have a very high melting point. As a result, the recycling process for these items gets tough. The best way is to consider reusing the crockery. 

2. The Styrofoam Containers

The egg-cartons, use and throw coffee cups, food takeaway containers, and anything made from Styrofoam is non-recyclable, thus ending up in some landfill without being taken care of. In fact, Styrofoam is one of the most polluting substances that release toxic chemicals and harm the environment.

3. The Packing Peanuts

Since made out of polyester or again Styrofoam, the packing peanuts fall into the non-recyclable category. Instead of throwing them away, we can reuse them as packing peanuts or for stuffing our plushies or beanbags. 

4. Bubble Wrap

Under most circumstances, the bubble wraps are non-recyclable. Since they are made from a thin film of plastic, there are chances of them getting tangled into the machinery, thus rejected by many recycling centers.

5. Aerosol Cans

The aerosol can, irrespective of what they contain, cannot be recycled. The reason is the pressurized air inside the cans, which can damage the recycling machinery. 

6. Plastic Bags and Wraps

Most of the community recycling centers do not accept plastic bags since there is a risk of them clogging the machinery. 

Plastic bags are non recyclable.

7. Juice Cartons and wax paper

The wax fibers in the coating of milk or juice cartons are not easy to breakdown while recycling. Other items like baking paper, waxed baking cups, wax paper are also not easily recyclable. It is best to consult with your local municipalities for recycling of the same.  

8. Treated Wood

Any artificial finishing done on the wood makes it impossible to recycle it. The chemicals used in treating the wood are unsafe to burn or recycle. 

Chemically treated wood is not recyclable.

9. Mirrors

Considering that glass is recyclable, you may think that mirror is also same. But mirror is one of the things that you thought were recyclable, but are not. The chemical coating used on the glass to turn it into a reflective surface makes it challenging to recycle the mirrors. Instead, mirrors in good condition can be donated. Broken mirrors are best for DIY art projects. 

10. Gifting Bows and Ribbons

We tend to receive a lot of gifts with bows and ribbons. These same ribbons while recycling can get tangled into the machinery, thus rejected by the units for recycling.  

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Himani Naik

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