7 Eco-Friendly Party Supplies For A Birthday Celebration

Being sustainable is fairly easy, even though it might not seem like it. Not just in our lifestyle choices, but also with our décor and party choices. How many times have you seen the waste littered around after a birthday party and thought to yourself, “Hey, this is something I can use later!” Not too often, right? That’s alright because now you know the root of this
unsustainable décor: The supplies. Switching this plastic décor with eco-friendly party supplies can amp up the party’s aesthetic and stop your carbon footprint from deepening.

These may seem unlike a movie-like birthday party, but hey, this is important so we all can continue to have many more birthdays for future generations too! To get you started, here are seven eco-friendly party supplies that you can use for a birthday celebration:

1. Plantable Invitations

You read that correctly! These cards get printed on seed paper (your choice of seeds!) and can be planted into the soil for a fresh bloom of flowers. But make sure that the guests note down the details first. This reduces paper waste and is great if you want to send out physical invitations.

2. Recycled and Compostable Utensils

We need to be looking at reusing or recycling, rather than conventional. Washing up dishes can be a chore after a party, but plastic dishes are a no-go too. That’s where compostable cups, dishes, and utensils come into play. They’re non-toxic and reduce the waste that is produced by Styrofoam or plastic.

3. Cloth Birthday Banners

Small and local stores or boutiques would gladly design a birthday banner if you choose to go with cloth. These look adorable and can be customized with tassels, embroidery, and other patterns. These are a sustainable alternative to plastic or paper banners which you have to throw out after a party.

4. Biodegradable Confetti

Use rice paper, or other biodegradable materials to DIY your confetti instead of using store-bought plastic confetti. You could also use dried flowers, and printed jute for a vintage themed party.

5. Potted Favours

Go the greenway with your return gifts with cute potted plants, instead of goodie bags with inherently useless stuff. Plants with inscribed pots help in preserving memories for a longer time and are great for the environment too.

6. Beeswax Candles

Use simple cake toppers, and go hard with the sustainable beeswax candles. Fancy cake toppers are usually made with disposable materials that are non-biodegradable and can only be used once. Choose pretty, bright beeswax candles that double as a fancy cake topper too.

7. Fabric Wrapping For Gifts

Skip the wrapping paper and give your gifts a personal homely touch by using a printed fabric to wrap your gifts. You could also avoid wrapping the gift by handing it over in a fabric bag with a personalised message.

Society’s mindset of being overly grandiose and giving into the mass-market of consumerism can end well for no one. Going natural and simple with things that can be reused can ensure that we don’t overlook the state of the nature around us.

Yukta Baid

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