6 Indian Drinks That Will Brighten Up Your Day

A summer without Shikanji, rains without chai, and winters without Kahwa sound a bit odd. When it comes to drinks, India has some of the most palatable and toothsome recipes. From Solkadhi to Aam Panna, Indian cuisine presents in front of us a platter of a variety of drinks. 

Following are some of the must-try Indian drinks that surely will brighten up your day:

1. Solkadhi


It is a part of Goan, Konkani, and Malwani cuisine also adopted by the coastal areas around. The pinkish purple drink is served as a cooler or digestive in the platter. The coconut milk with a hint of Kokum and a variety of spices give Solkadhi a unique and savory taste. 

2. Lassi


What is a Punjabi lunch or dinner without Lassi? Lassi is a traditional Punjabi curd, or dahi based brink enjoyed all over India. A pinch of black salt and a sprinkle of roasted cumin powder blended finely with yogurt makes one of the best cooling Indian drinks for summer- the salty Lassi. Thick curd, minced sugar, cardamom, and Kesar meld together is a recipe to the mouth-watering sweet lassi, which in itself is a mini-meal. 

3. Kahwa


With winters being around the corner, we cannot miss-out on Kashmiri Kahwa. Green tea leaves are boiled with saffron strands, cinnamon bark, cardamom pods, and sometimes Kashmiri roses to make this tea. The healing properties of the spices and the green tea leaves make this soul-warming drink best for winter colds.

4. Rasam


No Indian can resist a cup of this moreish drink called Rasam. Also known as chaaru, saaru, or sathamudhu, it is a staple delicacy in South Indian meals. The sour taste of tamarind and tomatoes meld with mustard, fenugreek, black pepper, and cumin with a hint of garlic and curry leaves altogether make one of the most lip-smacking and mouth-watering Indian drinks – Rasam. It possesses a lot of medicinal values- aiding digestion and curing cough and cold. In the end, what’s better than a hot bowl of Rasam on a chilly winter day? 

5. Chaas


Called Taak in Marathi, Ghol in Bengal, and Moru in Tamil Nadu, this drink is whole-heartedly enjoyed by the entire Indian Subcontinent. Curd and water blended green chilies, ginger, coriander, cumin with a hint of black salt and mint leaves makes Chaas one of the best Indian drinks for summers.

6. Aam Panna

Aam Panna

Made from raw mangoes, Aam Panna is a rescue during the intense Indian summer heat. The tangy taste from mangoes and the sweetness of jaggery, along with a hint of spices like cardamom, cumin, and black salt, bring out more flavors for the drink. Also called Aam Jhora, the drink has digestive properties and is a rich source of pectin, thus good for treating gastrointestinal disorders.

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Himani Naik

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